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Houston's Home Sales Hit a Five Year High

August 2012 was the best month for Houston home sales in five years as low mortgage rates and a strong local economy combined to ignite the real estate market.

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6 Worst Home Fixes for the Money

It's the magic phrase uttered by almost anyone who's ever considered the cost of home remodeling: "We'll get it back when we sell."

Unless you keep those projects practical, though, you might just be kidding yourself.

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The Houston Economy is Moving Forward Again

The Houston region is the first major metropolitan area to regain more than 100 percent of the jobs it lost during the nation’s economic recession. Read the article here.

Your 2011 Tax Filing and What’s New for 2012

Here’s a quick cheat sheet on what filers need to know about their 2011 taxes and what’s new this year.

A Look Ahead at New Homes of 2015

What do you think the homes of 2015 will look like? This article offers some interesting forecasts.

Changes in Property Tax Laws, Effective 9/1/2011

This article is about changes in property tax laws affecting residential homestead exemptions, which start September 1, 2011.

3.8% Real Estate Tax in Health Reform Bill

Talk has surfaced again concerning the 3.8% Real Estate Tax and the Health Reform Bill. Please read the following articles and set your mind at ease, as this new real estate tax will NOT affect the majority of you.

Statewide Figures Indicate Continued Economic Recovery

Texas homes are continuing to maintain their value in the first quarter of 2011 despite a decrease in sales volume, indicating that the economic recovery continues in Texas. Read more here.

2011 FHA Home Loan Requirements for Borrowers

If you are a home buyer thinking of using an FHA loan to buy a home, you should be aware of certain changes to the FHA program.

Fannie and Freddie to Increase Down-Payment Requirements

The federal government is crafting a plan to phase out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and it could mean higher down-payment requirements for home buyers. Read more here.

Mortgage Rates Over 5%, More Housing Bottoms in 2011

The average interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage jumped to 5.05% this week. Read more here.

Houston Home Prices Expected to Rise in 2011

The Houston area ranks second among 13 metropolitan areas where housing prices are expected to increase in 2011, according to Clear Capital.

Mortgage Underwriting Changes May Affect Many Buyers

Here is an interesting article that explains how important changes to mortgage underwriting could impact home buyers.

Texas Enonomy and Housing Market Unlike Other States

This fascinating article explains why the Texas housing market has fared far better than other states, and why the state’s economy is expected to continue to do better than the rest of the U.S. economy.

Announcement of Business Name Change

Sharon Fritsche Realty announces that after 12 years of being a sole proprietorship, it has taken the next “step” to expand to a limited liability company and is now known as Step By Step Real Estate, LLC.

Buying and/or selling a home is a big investment, and Step By Step Real Estate, LLC will help you through the process each “step” of the way. Whether a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, Step By Step Real Estate, LLC is ready to assist you from whatever “step” you’re on to reach your real estate goals.

Thank you for your trust and I look forward to strengthening our relationship.

Your real estate expert,

Sharon Fritsche